W.I.L.D. adventures are fun and rigorous

Hard skills support soft skills and vice versa. Our guys learn basic backpacking and wilderness survival skills, including backcountry cooking, navigation, knot tying, fire making, and on-trail leadership. Days begin with morning mindfulness and movement practices to focus our awareness, open our senses, and cultivate physical health and strength. These morning routines incorporate elements of chi gong, yoga, and strength training, along with a traditional thanksgiving to the natural world.  


Most days involve seven to ten miles of hiking with full packs. We take breaks throughout our days to have fun, whether it's an epic game of capture the flag or natural water slides into a pristine watering hole. Along the way we learn to identify useful herbs and plants, read the geology of the Sierras, and look for animal tracks and signs.

Our journeys are structured around an optional 24-hour solo ceremony. The solo is a rite of passage for young men to be with themselves - to leave not only the chatter of their digital lives, but also the community of our W.I.L.D. tribe - to tune their attention to the present moment and their own intuitive knowing. You can read more about the experiences young men have on their solos by clicking here.


  • Basics of backpacking

  • Leave No Trace training

  • Creative expression

  • Martial arts

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Nature awareness

  • Solo ceremony

  • Sushi!