Summer 2020


Ages 13-14

W.i.l.d. youth
Yosemite National Park

An introduction to the awareness practices and hard skills at the core of W.I.L.D.'s curriculum, as well as a chance to learn the basics of backpacking and backcountry travel in Yosemite National Park. Contact for more information.

June 17-23


Ages 15-19

W.I.L.D. One
Yosemite National park

Our standard ten day course, W.I.L.D. One takes us to far remote reaches of the Yosemite Wilderness. This skill building and ceremony based backcountry journey is for young men who want to make a meaningful transition to young adulthood. Contact for more information.

June 28 - July 7

July 12 - July 21

July 15 - July 24


By invitation only

W.I.L.D. invitational
john muir wilderness

An advanced level course for returning W.I.L.D. participants.
Contact for more information.

July 26 - August 4