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Chris Choclo Clayton is a metalsmith, entrepreneur and co-owner of the Neoancient Collective art gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Chris is a full time jeweler and passionate artist, gardener, and nature lover. He was born in Barstow, California and raised in the migrant farming communities of Salinas Valley by his father James Clayton who was a 2-tour Vietnam Veteran. At Greenfield High School, Chris was Senior Class President as well as a football, and track & field Captain.

Chris went to UC Davis and got a Bachelor of Arts degree in Nature and Culture while playing 1 year of football and 3 years of rugby.  After graduation, Chris went to teach English in Korea, which began his love for travel. He traveled much of Central and South America, Europe, India, and Israel.

After years of travel and work as a horticulturalist, Chris is now passionate about art and supporting youth to experience the healing power of being in nature, and believes that nature is a place to reconnect with ourselves, recharge, and find inspiration to bring back to our daily lives.

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